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The goals of this simple web site are to assist users of the Andersen-Forbes phrase-marker analysis of the Hebrew Bible and eventually to provide a repository for our web-published papers.

This website will receive more attention from us as we receive feedback and questions on our grammar book.

Status of the "Biblical Hebrew Grammar Visualized" (BHGV) Book: The book has been published.  For book blurb and/or to order, go to http://www.eisenbrauns.com/item/ANDBIBLIC.

Status of the A-F Database: The A-F database of June 2012 (v0.97) is part of the current Logos release. Version 0.97 has greatly improved text type assignments, periphrastic handling, resolution of additional polysemic cue phrases, and verb "semantics/valence". We made about 30,000 improvements in all. We are at work on version 0.98.

Contacting Us: Please send queries and comments to bhgv at our domain name.

Last Modified: 29 March 2014