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Frank Andersen-- Frank Andersen has advanced degrees in Science, Theology, and the Humanities. He has had numerous academic appointments in these fields, including Visiting Scholar of the Academy of Sciences (USSR) and Klimint Ohridski University, Sofia, Bulgaria. His main research interests are the languages and literatures of the Ancient Near East, with special attention to the Hebrew Bible. His publications include commentaries and linguistic studies. He is currently a Professorial Fellow in the Department of Classics and Archaeology, University of Melbourne.

Dean Forbes-- After receiving a degree in physics from Harvard, Dean Forbes taught in the Peace Corps in Nigeria.  He later obtained a theological degree at The Pacific School of Religion. He joined Hewlett-Packard Laboratories full-time in 1971.  At his retirement, he was the Principal Scientist in the Medical Department, specializing in cardiac electrophysiology.  He holds eight patents. His non-medical research activities involve linguistic and statistical analysis of biblical texts, an area where he has (co-)authored numerous papers and ten books. He has been a Visiting Scholar at Stanford, UC San Diego, and UC Berkeley. At present, he is a Research Associate with The University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa.